F.A.Q and more

F.A.Q and more


Starving was created in 2019 after A conversation I had with my friends where my friend Jordy was sitting across from me when he asked the room: 

"What's the word for when you are really hungry and famished and need food?"

I sat in silence for a minute while others suggested: 

" Famished? Malnourished?"

Jordy shook his head in frustration.

"Starving?"  I questioned, half dumbfounded.

"oh... yeah!" He exclaimed.

I then said: "That's a regular ass word." laughing in disbelief.

but then I thought about it, and repeated it...

"You know... that is a regular ass word... everyone is hungry for something."

My Name Is Brody Bramscher and STARVING is my Insatiable appetite for everything.

QNA: 11 QUESTIONS WITH STARVING BRAND Designer and owner; Brody B.



All of our hand-sewn tapestry crewnecks are slightly oversized fit. check the sizing table for measurements, but just order your size or a size down if you fit the smaller end. 


We Ship Internationally and domestic. International shipping prices can be negotiated on an item by item basis if necessary.


Current Estimates are 4-5 weeks for Tapestry pieces and 1.5 weeks for other pieces. Please contact me through the store chat if you are concerned about shipping times or would like an update on your order.

 Production and pricing: 

**  This is my SMALL business and production/design is all done by ONE individual (myself). please realize the Woven Tapestry Garments are MADE TO ORDER and are hand-sewn. If you expect fulfillment and shipping like a multinational corporation you will be disappointed. Please contact me before ordering if you have concerns regarding shipping. We are however, working on improving supply chain to address these concerns. 

Increases in material cost and transport require me to adjust pricing of garments. I have also increased the quality of fabric as well as sewing quality for longer garment lifetime than other tapestry clothing. This does increase the time it takes me to sew these pieces. The delivery estimate on the product page and this page will be updated to be as accurate as possible.

I am working as fast as I can to get you what you're STARVING for..

Thank you again for your' patience and continued support. 

- Brody 



Contact us through email: starvingbrandteam@gmail.com or DM on instagram @starvingbrand ;)


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